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British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

British Columbia, the furthermost western province of Canada, is a centre of cultural diversity and economic expansion.
Vancouver, the third-largest city in the nation, is located in British Columbia, one of the nation's most diversified provinces. The economy of British Columbia is centered on a significant natural resources sector, with a focus on forestry and mining. With its vast forests and distinctive coastal climate, its natural environment is regarded as among the most magnificent in all of Canada, if not the entire world. 

B.C. Immigration Streams –

There are three pathways you can take if you want to immigrate to British Columbia: 

    ✓    Express Entry British Columbia Stream
    ✓    Skills Immigration Stream
    ✓    Entrepreneur Immigration

Entry-level and semi-skilled workers as well as skilled workers, healthcare professionals, international graduates, and post-graduates are all eligible for the Skills Immigration Stream. Except for overseas post-graduates, all applicants must have a job offer or be employed. 

The Express Entry British Columbia Stream is for skilled workers, healthcare professionals, international graduates and postgraduates only.

Skills Immigration –

The following categories make up Skills Immigration under the BC PNP

Skilled Worker Category 

Those who have been given a qualified employment offer in a skilled occupation fall under this group. In their skilled occupation, workers are required to have several years of experience. 

Healthcare Professional Category 

People who have experience and suitable job offers as doctors, nurses, psychiatric nurses, or other allied health professionals may apply under this category. There must be a job offer that qualifies for one of the 11 health occupations. 

International Graduate Category 

Those who graduated from an eligible Canadian university or institution in the previous three years fall under this group. To qualify for this sub-category, a job offer from a BC employer is required. 

International Post-Graduate Category 

Graduates holding Masters or Doctoral degrees in the natural, applied, or health sciences from a British Columbia institution of higher learning are eligible for this category. To apply for this subcategory, no employment offer is necessary. 

Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category 

Workers in specific entry-level or semi-skilled positions in long-haul transportation, food processing, tourism/hospitality, or entry-level or semi-skilled positions who live and work in British Columbia's Northeast Development Region may qualify for immigration under this program.

Minimum Requirements –

    ●    Must have accepted a full employment offer (except for International Post-Graduate Category); 
    ●    Except for the International Post-Graduate Category, a wage offer must be in line with province wage standards. 
    ●    Except for the International Post-Graduate Category, you must be able to support yourself and your family. 
    ●    Minimum language requirements must be met (for NOC skill level B, or the Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category); 
    ●    Any additional standards related to your category must be met; 
    ●    Employers must also meet eligibility requirements (except for the International Post-Graduate Category) 

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